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The Excalibur Mk VI Touring Sedan Caesars Palace Special Edition (4-Door)

A larger coach and the extra access provided by four doors make the touring sedan the flagship of this elite fleet. An exceptional design affords a more luxurious passenger ride that only an Excalibur can provide.

The uncompromised, spacious, lavish interior and the added convenience of abundant boot space prove that you needn't sacrifice practicality to enjoy extravagance.

The Excalibur Phaeton Mk V (Convertible)

This four-seater convertible is the original neo-classic Excalibur. In its fifth revision, the Excalibur transcends perfection! Based on the 1928 Mercedes 540k, the Excalibur has a long history in servicing America's elite.

Although the convertible aspect proves irresistible to many of our customers, please note that the 2-door Excalibur is a little bit smaller than the 4-door inside and therefore may be unsuitable for a large traditional wedding dress.

Excalibur series III 1977 Sports Roadster/ Convertible

A bit different and more sporty than other offerings, the roadster Excalibur has been bringing car style to films and photos with its unique look.